About Us

I am Gurpreet Singh Bhullar of Algon Khurd Village, Patti Tehsil in Tarn Taran District, Punjab. I am presently the Sarpanch of my village. There are 8 members in my family including my mother and father, my brother and his wife, my wife, and my children ie. a daughter, a son and me.

In 1994, my father, Sardar Bohard Singh Bhullar took dairy farming training from Jalandhar and in 1999 he started dairy farming with only one cow of HF breed. However, due to lack of practice and detailed knowledge, he could not achieve success in that field and the cow died after a while due to milk fever. The calf of that cow is still with us, and after the death of the cow, my mother Balvinder Kaur took care of her and later on we started dairy farming with that calf only. We had 10 cows in 2004 and my brother Ranjeet Singh and I took detailed training in dairy farming from Tarn Taran, in order to avoid any problems due to less experience and knowledge this time. Today we have 32 HF cows and 25 calves. Every year, we sell 5 to 6 cows for 60000 to 90000 rupees. Around 600 to 700 liters of milk is sold to Nestle via Route Number 53 and Farm ID 4351. My wife Rajwinder Kaur and my brother’s wife Amandeep Kaur have both actively helped and encouraged us in this endeavor and we both are really thankful to them.


Our Farm

About Our Farm

In order to take proper care of the cattle and have a hygienic environment, we decided to build a huge shed for the animals so that they can enjoy spacious surroundings. We took dairy loan and built a 120 feet by 80 feet shed for the cattle.

Besides dairy farming, we also plant vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicum and cucumber organically in the poly house which is spread in 1 acre of land. We also grow seedlings in boxes for different vegetables and sell them. In 15-20 acres ofland, we grow maize and store it in silage. This helps us in saving both time and labour cost as the fodder becomes readily available for the animals. During winters we sow Makkhan Grass in 6 to 7 acres of land, which is a rich source of proteins. It is also really good for the animals and helps in increasing the yields.